Perimeter Security

Protecting and defending the perimeter while not restricting access is key to an effective perimeter security profile. Xpect’s technicians perform the assessments and installations needed to ensure our customer-specified boundaries are protected and secure. We install a variety of security devices such as, slide gates, wedge barriers, fiber intrusion detection systems, gate arms, bollards, cameras, license plate readers, motion detectors for alarm systems, door contacts, and window contacts. Our team then links these camera feeds with the installed alarm systems, so the police or security staff can monitor and quickly react.

We ensure our customers’ security systems remain current by replacing outdated equipment. At customers such as NIH, Xpect installed waist-high turnstiles along the perimeter to replace aging turnstiles. We install fiber intrusion detection systems that send an alarm to alert the police that a person is climbing over the fence when the fiber optic cable is triggered. Our technicians also perform the required preventative maintenance and make sure the security systems are always online and operating.