Access Control

At Xpect Solutions, our trained and certified technicians design, install, test, and maintain access control systems from low security rooms such as conference rooms and offices to the highest security rooms such as SCIFs, irradiator rooms and Biosafety level 4 labs. We also install the radiation detectors and physical security for these rooms which includes the alarm systems, cameras, and card access readers, and then tie the detectors into the facility alarm systems. Our team designs and deploys inventory tracking systems using the latest RFID, cellular, WIFI, and satellite solutions. Securing our customer’s staff and assets is our number one priority.

Securing physical assets, as well as information, is a key capability of Xpect’s team of security engineers and technicians. Our staff ensures physical and virtual boundaries are constructed and maintained. We install security devices at customers such as NIH, FBI, and US Marshals that restrict access to buildings, rooms, and other locations by electronic and mechanical means. Our information security experts and badging technicians ensure that our customers’ staff have the credentials to get to the right locations and on the right systems safely and securely.