Protection of data and securing the IT environment is as essential as providing a solid network infrastructure. Defense in depth of critical data and services is required to protect the IT environment from external as well as internal criminals and hackers. Compromise of such data and services can cause loss of corporate revenue as well as impact national security.

Network Security

Xpect’s network security engineers assess and analyze our customer’s environments and recommend strategies and improvements for ensuring the highest level of security while mitigating any vulnerabilities. We design, develop, test, and deploy classified systems to ensure boundaries and systems are securely maintained while still providing a highly functioning user experience.

Our engineers deliver the necessary technology and knowledge to mitigate security risks, such as deploying firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Network Admission Control (NAC), and Content Filtering. Our NAC designs provide our customers, such as the FBI, ITA, EOUSA, and PBGC, with the ability to restrict or limit network access to only approved endpoints and only authenticated and authorized users. Our solution augments current authentication-based access control with enhanced examination and remediation of endpoint device security posture and compliance with workstation security policies.

Information Assurance

Empowering the security workforce occurs through the enablement of technology and data services that support the information assurance processes. Xpect enables information assurance through our Information Systems Security Officers (ISSO). Our ISSOs facilitate better lines of communication between the technical teams and the security teams to ensure that systems and networks are effectively monitored and protected while also delivering the latest technology and innovative capabilities. Our team makes sure that security monitoring is fully integrated into every engineering project while remaining highly functional and reliable.