Network Infrastructure

We deliver network engineering, security, O&M, and management services to numerous agencies and commercial customers, such as the FBI, EOUSA, DEA, US Trustees, and ITA. Regardless of how small or large our customer’s network is, we ensure a reliable, highly available, and secure environment is maintained. We leverage network management tools to help detect, alert, and repair failures. Our administrators and engineers design, develop, test, and deploy unclassified and classified networks ensuring that security boundaries are maintained while also providing a great user experience.

Data Center

Data Center network designs need to ensure that the required level of availability, performance, and reliability of service is met or exceeded for a user community. Our solutions provide next generation firewall features, including zero-day threat prevention and integrated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) support. We design redundancy between sites to ensure availability of services, such as enhanced email services, SharePoint and Azure services.

For clients such as the FBI, Xpect’s engineers create data center designs for dynamically adding additional circuit connectivity in support of their Microsoft Office 365 and Unclassified Virtual Desktop Initiative projects. We design our firewalls to operate as perimeter devices that will connect multiple data centers to the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC).

Network Administration

Regardless of how small or large the network is, it is essential to maintain a stable and secure infrastructure environment. Employing skilled staff and proper tools is the key to proper maintenance of networks. As networks grow and deliver more services, leveraging network management tools to help detect, alert, and repair failures will help maintain the robust and secure network required to sustain mission critical applications. Additionally, network automation tools help our customers deploy changes to thousands of devices automatically with minimal human intervention.

Network Engineering

Xpect’s engineering designs provide our customers with robust and highly secure networks that allow for enhanced collaboration, boosted user productivity, and a solid foundation for operating the latest applications and technology. We leverage our expertise in the latest networking technologies and products and services to design network environments that increase throughput and performance, allow for smooth voice and video collaboration, and a simplified infrastructure to maintain.

Our team reviews and analyzes logical and physical network designs, currently deployed network management tools, application utilization distribution, and in-place WAN utilization of remote sites and the data center. We provide recommendations on how our customers can improve their network redundancy, performance, monitoring and alerts. Our team of engineers deliver expertise and experience in LAN/WAN, Wireless LAN, Switching, Internet Protocols, Routing Protocols/Manipulation, Multicast, Traffic Management/Quality of Service (QoS), Satellite Diversity, WAN Acceleration, and Load Balancing.