We work with our customers, including the FBI, US Marshals, PBGC, and EOUSA, to utilize the leading wireless vendors, design to the latest IEEE 802.1x standards, and provide flexible, full coverage wireless mesh networks. Our engineers install and configure wireless controllers that support various client management functions such as allowing client associations, authentications and maintaining or rejecting connections, perform security handshakes required by security protocols, manage prioritization of traffic and bandwidth management, act as a stateful firewall that controls access and inspects traffic flow, implement IDS/IPS features to detect and prevent intrusions from disrupting the availability WLAN, along with AP rouge detection and Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming.

Mobile Device Managament

Our MDM architectures provide a full set of mobile security for different types of mobile devices including access to a secure email gateway, application catalog, secure web browsing, as well as, the ability to securely manage remote devices. Xpect’s projects have included infrastructure designs for multiple integrated systems, including unclassified and transport networks, Trusted Internet Connections (TIC), and commercial clouds.

For projects such as the FBI’s Smart Phone project, our Airwatch MDM solution improved their device implementation and complied with OMB Mandate 08-05 which requires all Agency External connections to traverse a central, secure monitoring infrastructure or TIC.

Smart Phone Integration

Xpect’s engineers develop the network infrastructure to deploy smart phone technology for our customers. We design networks to support the latest smart phone devices and facilitate the replacement of legacy Blackberry infrastructure, allowing for real-time access to critical data and applications. Having developed legacy Blackberry infrastructure, we understand the pain points that the antiquated technology causes for our customers’ staff.

For the FBI’s Smart Phone project, our engineers leveraged existing infrastructure resulting in lower total up-front costs for the implementation. Our engineering efforts included gathering user and administrator requirements, creating easy-to-implement installation plans, evaluating the latest Mobile Device Management (MDM) software and smart phone technologies including Ironport’s Web Security Appliance (WSA), Airwatch MDM, and the latest Cisco technologies and products.

Wireless Networking

Our engineers design and deploy wireless environments that provide an extension of the traditional cabled network for mobile devices with secure guest access and the foundational infrastructure for virtual desktop environments. Our solutions include environments, which support device and certificate-based user and device authentication and an infrastructure managed and monitored by the leading wireless vendors.

Xpect Solutions is leading the design and implementation for the FBI’s secure wireless program. Through our transformational initiative, we assessed and implemented a secure and hardened wireless environment within FBI controlled spaces using the latest cutting edge wireless technology (802.11) to move the FBI user community off the wired desktop and onto a mobile-device-as-desktop platform. With this solution, our solution provides real time alerts and authentication with credentials tied to Active Directory accounts, for flexibility and ease of use.